Super Tack It® General Specifications

Super Tack It® is a .004″ (.10mm) thick, clear pressure sensitive adhesive that resides in the medium firm family of acrylic adhesives. It features very high initial adhesion and good shear holding power. It adheres very well to a wide variety of substrates including many plastics.

Typical Physical Properties and Performance Characteristics: Adhesion to Steel: 72 oz./inch

Relative High Temperature Operating Ranges: Long Term (days, weeks) 180°F – 82°C Short Term (minutes, hours) 250°F – 121°C

Relative Solvent resistance: Medium
Ultra Violet Resistance: – Not recommended for direct exposure to sunlight or U.V. light. MSDS: Not applicable or subject to MSDS requirements.

Application Techniques:
* Bond Strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact developed. Firm application pressure helps develop better adhesive contact and improved bond strength.
* To obtain optimum adhesion, the bonding surfaces must be clean, dry and well unified. Some typical surface cleaning solutions are isopropyl alchohol or heptane applied according to the solvent manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use.
* Ideal adhesive application temperature range is 70°F to 100°F (21°C to 38°C). Initial application to surfaces at temperatures below 50°F (10°C) is not recommended because the adhesive becomes too firm to adhere readily however, once properly applied within the normal terperature range, low temperature holding is satisfactory.

General Information
Applications where the adhesive mass is directly exposed to sunlight such as when applied to glass or clear plastic, etc. should be avoided. Edge exposure is generally satisfactory.

Super Tack It has relatively good resistance to moderate amounts of plasticizers. Subjective evaluation can be made by applying this adhesive in contact with the materials in question at conditions of 150°F (66°C) for a period of 5-7 days.

Super Tack It® will not bleed into most paper stocks thereby minimizing discoloration