Heat Seal Adhesives

In order to assist you in the proper selection of adhesives for your
 particular application, we offer a brief summary of each adhesive currently offered.


For use in heat seal applications, Avanti Coating’s Ultraseal® is a proprietary blend of
polymer resins that allow for the application of labels or other materials to a substrate
using heat, time and pressure. Ultraseal® is a flow coat process that can be applied in
various thicknesses and widths to roll labels. Ultraseal® is highly amorphous and flows
out uniformly and thinly into the base material to create a mechanical bond between
the label and base substrate. When applied properly, Ultraseal® does not add any
appreciable bulk or stiffness to the customer’s applied label. Unlike the application of
 heat film laminations, these attributes allow superior holding power of the labels 
without the need for high heat levels that tend to distort, burn or otherwise damage the
label. Ultraseal® allows a soft label to remain just that and does not contribute to the
stiffness or “boardiness” of the label. This important fact makes Ultraseal® the
preferred adhesive for use in clothing applications where body parts are exposed to the
label. When properly applied with air operated label heat sealing equipment,
 Ultraseal® will withstand dozens of commercial laundering and dry cleaning cycles.

Washability of our products
With sole exception to our Ultraseal® adhesive, Avanti Coatings makes no claim as to 
the merchantability or washability of its pressure sensitive adhesives.

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