Washability of our Products

With sole exception to our Ultraseal® adhesive, Avanti Coatings makes no claim as to the merchantability or washability of its pressure sensitive adhesives. Avanti Coatings, Inc. has no control over the methods used by customers to apply labels using our adhesives, as such, although our adhesives are generally immune to today’s detergents, we offer no advice on the number of washings the adhesive will withstand before losing their adhesive properties.

Generally speaking however, some of our customers have indicated that our pressure sensitive adhesives have withstood numerous wash cycles in a home machine without failure.

There are many factors that impact the adhesive properties when applied to a fabric. Such items include but are not limited to:
1. Amount of surface pill or fuzz on the base material.
2. Type of material (synthetic or natural fiber)
3. Tightness of weave.
4. Surface finish of thread (silicone or other thread finish).
5. Pressure used at time of application.
6. Time after cure before washing.

The base materials used in our pressure sensitive adhesives are a variety of acrylic formulations. Although they are generally impervious to water and water based liquids after a 24 hour cure period, they are somewhat soluable in acid bases such as those derived from citrus components. Benzene and other mineral based solvents will readily attack this formulation which is why we do not advocate dry cleaning anything that uses these formulated adhesives.