Pressure Sensitive Products

In order to assist you in the proper selection of adhesives for your
 particular application, we offer a brief summary of each adhesive currently offered.

Tack It 2®

Tack It 2® is a specialty adhesive that exhibits high initial tack and increasingly
subsequent holding power after a 24 hour cure period. This adhesive is an excellent
alternative to Tack It®. As an acrylic based adhesive, it does not degrade
over time as does a natural rubber product giving it a long lifetime of holding power.
As an added feature, Tack It 2® is formulated with a Mylar sheet barrier constructed
into the base adhesive. This provides a barrier to any residual moisture or acidity that
may be present from the processing of the label threads. Of greater importance
however, is the fact that this barrier prevents interaction or excitation of plasticizers
used in vinyl products and the adhesive’s ability to hold the label to the product. The
carefully selected barrier material adds stability to the customer’s label by minimizing
its ability to stretch, rack or skew due to looseness of weave. Labels coated with Tack
It 2® can be successfully applied directly to diverse items such as wax candles, glass
jars as well as all base fabrics including, polyester, cotton, rayon, tricot, nylon, etc.
Although Tack It 2® and its variants are generally impervious to water and water
based liquids after a 24 hour cure period, they are somewhat soluable in acid bases
such as those derived from citrus components. Benzene and other mineral based
solvents will readily attack this formulation which is why we do not advocate dry
cleaning anything that uses this formulated adhesive.
Tack It 2-AF®
For applications such as those used for archival or craft application purposes, Avanti
 Coatings offers all the outstanding attributes of Tack It 2® in an acid free composition.
It exhibits high tack and superior holding power without adding appreciable bulk,
weight or stiffness to the base product. Tack It 2-AF® is compounded to be lighter in
mil thickness to allow it to be used in thinner material applications such as printed
ribbons and lamination applications such as ribbon to ribbon lay up without adhesive
migration or bleed through. The integrated web barrier stabilizes these thinner
materials and minimizes material stretching in their application.
Tack It 2-AFW®
Tack It 2-AFW® has all the attributes of Tack It 2-AF® however, the web barrier is
composed of a white, opaque material. When used in lay up applications such as the
lamination of ribbons, the opacity of the barrier prevents visual bleed through of the
base color. This material is ideally suited in uses where a light, thin material is
laminated to a dark colored base material. This results in each color being able to
maintain their original brilliance and enhances the reflectivity of the lighter material’s
color making it to be even more brilliant than when originally produced.
Tack It 2-AFNC®
Tack It 2-AFNC® has been developed for applications where longitudinal strippability
of the base material is required after the application of adhesive. It is particularly well
suited for application to parallel laid continuous materials such as certain
manufactured ribbons and where an acid free or acid neutral adhesive material is
required. This adhesive has all the attributes of Tack It 2-AF® but does not have a web
barrier incorporated into its composition. It is well suited for applications that are used
for craft purposes.
Super Tack It®
Super Tack It® is a unique, custom blended, premium formulation of acrylic polymers.
The five mil thickness bonds aggressively and securely to a wide variety of substrates
and is impervious to sustained temperatures of up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Super
Tack It® exhibits excellent resistance to short term exposures to temperatures of up to 
250 degrees Fahrenheit. It is particularly well suited for use in the application of
labels that may be subject to high heat environments. It also excels in the bonding of and attaching gaskets and variety of industrial foam materials and lamination’s to various surfaces. As a highly aggressive adhesive that exhibits superior holding power to a wide range of substrates, Super Tack It® is
 relatively resistant to mild solvents and maintains its superior holding power for years at 
a time. See General Specifications on Super Tack it.
Washability of our products
With sole exception to our Ultra Seal® adhesive, Avanti Coatings makes no claim as to 
the merchantability or washability of its pressure sensitive adhesives.

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